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For show-specific information, click on the market below that you are exhibiting in. That will take you to the dedicated Exhibitor Services page for that market, which contains all the important show information you need, including venue address, show hours and move in, directions & parking, hotel reservation links, the Exhibitor Services Kit link, and helpful resources!

ALERT: Only use show management contracted services and hotel accommodations through the phone numbers or links provided, otherwise we cannot guarantee any exhibit rental supplies or your hotel reservation confirmation.

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Exhibitor Resources

Click on the links below to access helpful tools and resources as you prepare for you next show.

Exhibitor Tool Kit

From our helpful guides and resources to our marketing opportunities, these are all the tools you need for a successful show!


Our helpful Exhibitor Webinars walk you through everything from booth setup to booth etiquette.

Floor Plans

Find floor plans for each show to learn who is around you and where your booth is located.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Find all the deliverables available to really get your brand exposed!

Media Download Center

Download show logos for your marketing purposes.

New Exhibitor Resources

Exhibitor Success Tools

Visit the Exhibitor Success Tools for resources and guides that will help you prepare for your upcoming show! Don’t know where to start? Download the New Exhibitor Success Plan. Not sure how to attract attendees? Review the What Attendees Want and Make Your Booth Stand Out guides. See more resources below.

What’s Featured:

  • Getting Started  >  New Exhibitor Success Plan
  • Build Your Booth  >  What Attendees Want
  • Capture Your Leads  >  New, free Lead Capture Tool
  • Maximize Your Presence  >  Sponsorship and FREE promotional opportunities
  • Promote Your Presence  >  Social Media Success Tips
  • Tips & Tricks  >  10 Tips for the TAS Exhibitor

Exhibitor FAQS

Please click on a question below to see the answer.

1. Where Can I Find Information On Health and Safety Regulations for the Event?

Navigate to the Exhibitor Services page for the applicable show for information. Click on the specific market located at the top of this page.

2. What Comes With My Booth?

Each 10′ x 10′ booth space includes:

  • 8′ high black back-wall drape
  • 3′ high black side-rail drape
  • 1 – 6′ x 30″ black skirted table with white top
  • 2 – side chairs
  • 1 – wastebasket
  • 1 – 44″ x 7″ Exhibitor ID sign
  • 1 – 10′ x 10′ booth carpet

If you have an island booth, back drape and side drape are not standard furnishings and need to be ordered. Additional furniture can also be ordered. Please see the Furnishings & Accessories Form in the applicable Show Exhibitor Kit to order. 

3. What Expenses Should I Keep In Mind When Budgeting For The Show?

  • Exhibit space rental
  • Additional booth furnishings: signage, collateral, give-aways, etc.
  • Shipping and Material Handling Fees
  • Electrical, internet/wifi, cleaning, and/or AV equipment
  • Staff expenses: hotel accommodations, travel, etc.

4. How Can I Cut Down On My Overall Costs?

  • Avoid sending multiple shipments. Material handling rates are per shipment.
    • Refer to Shipping section in the Show Exhibitor Services Kit.
  • Schedule (necessary) labor on straight time. Refer to the Display & Material Order Form from the Show Exhibitor Services Kit for the applicable show.
    • Navigate to the Exhibitor Services page for the applicable show to access the Show Exhibitor Services Kit.
  • Multiple pieces shipped together must be crated/palleted and shrink wrapped to be charged as one shipment.

5. What Is The Safest & Most Efficient Way To Get My Materials To The Show?

  • READ Material Handling and Shipping instructions in the Show Exhibitor Services Kit.
  • Use pre-printed shipping labels provided in the Show Exhibitor Services Kit.
  • Make company name, booth # and show name visible on shipments.
  • Multiple pieces can be considered one shipment if crated/palleted and shrinkwrapped.

6. Can I Set Up My Own Booth?

  • Yes. Refer to Exhibitor Services Kit for exact union regulations, EAC form/insurance requirements/submission info.
  • If you are unable set up Friday during Exhibitor Move In hours, you must obtain authorization from your sales rep to set up Saturday at 7:30am.
    • Be advised the show opens at 9:00am. The show floor will be “show ready” clean. Should you litter your booth space or space around you, you will receive a cleaning charge from the contracted show cleaning company.

7. What Are The Restrictions For My Booth Structure?

  • Standard “in-line” booths may not extend beyond 8’ tall.
  • Booth materials may also not extend beyond the dimensions of the booth space.
  • Sight lines may not be blocked. Show management reserves the right to determine interference with other exhibitors.
  • NOTE: Island booths may extend 16’ high.

8. Can I Tear Down My Booth Early?

  • NO, per your signed sales contract, your booth must remain furnished and staffed until the show close on Sunday.
  • Please respect attendees & fellow exhibitors.

9. Am I Allowed To Bring My Booth Material In Myself?

  • POV/ASSISTED CARTLOAD SERVICE will be offered through the decorator for a nominal fee.  Please visit the Show Exhibitor Services Kit Table of Contents to locate the Material Handling & Shipping section for POV/Assisted Cartload Service Order Form.
    • POV is a personally owned vehicle, automobile, minivan, SUV, pick-up truck, or van.
  • Any additional materials or shipped materials (whether it be booth elements or sales collateral) brought in through the Loading Dock will be weighed and charged a Material Handling Fee.
    • Pricing found in the Shipping section of the Show Exhibitor Services Kit.
    • Please refer to the Show Exhibitor Services Kit for best safety practices.

10. Is Material Handling Mandatory?

  • Any materials coming in/out from loading dock are required to be weighed. All materials will be charged a Material Handling Fee. Fee is round trip.
  • Pricing found in Shipping section of the Show Exhibitor Services Kit.
  • Please refer to the Show Exhibitor Services Kit for best safety practices.

11. Are There Noise Or Sound Restrictions Within The Booth?

  • YES, no amplified sound in or around your booth is permitted. Show Management reserves the right to determine at what point sound constitutes interference with other exhibitors.

12. Can I Leave Items In My Booth Overnight?

  • Show management provides overnight “perimeter” security in the hall but recommends taking valuables with you at the end of show day.

13. What Are My Ordering Options (such as electric, internet, booth rental, extra chairs/tables, cleaning, etc.)?

  • Where applicable, order online, call, or fill out the necessary forms from the Show Exhibitor Services Kit for the appropriate vendor.

14. If I Forgot Something For Booth Setup or Need Additional Help, Where Do I Go On-Site?

  • The Exhibitor Services Desk located on the Show Floor.

15. Where Can I Make Copies If I Run Out Of Sale Material At The Show?

  • Business Services locations can be found at the Deco Service Counter.
  • Plan to also bring a flyer/sales document file with you in case you need to access a FedEx/Kinkos or similar resource.

16. Are There Sponsorship & Promotional Opportunities To Enhance My Presence At The Show?

ALERT: Please Be Aware of List Rental Scams! 

The Travel & Adventure Show does not rent its lists. Any party claiming to represent TAS for list services should be considered fraudulent.

Customer Success

The Travel & Adventure Show’s Customer Success Team is committed to providing exemplary support through the provision of informational tools and customer service to maximize exhibitor participation leading up to, during, and after the show.

Please email the Customer Success Team with any questions!