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General Information

284-C Quarry Road
P.O. Box 5010
Milford, CT 06460
[tel] 203-878-2577 x100
[fax] 203-878-2154

Customer Service/Marketing

Marketing & Event Coordinator - Travel and Adventure Shows

Emma Schnitman: Community Marketing Manager / Customer Service
(203)-878-2577 x100

Liz WaiksnisEvent Manager
(203)-878-2577 x106

Exhibit Sales

Vice President of Sales - Travel Shows

John Spooner: Vice President – Sales
(203)-878-2577 x121

Sales Manager - Travel and Adventure Show

Shane Higgins: Sales Director
(203)-878-2577 x118

Caren Cotto: Sales Director

Brett Deweese

Brett DeWeese: Sales Director
(203)-878-2577 x108

Kyle Murphy: Sales Manager
(203)-878-2577 x113

Show Management / Operations

Operations Director - Travel and Adventure Show

Julie Golicz: Operations Director
(203)-878-2577 x116

Show Management / Accounting

Accounting Director - Travel and Adventure Show

Suresh Desai: Accounting Director
(203)-878-2577 x128

Business Development

Operations Director - Travel and Adventure Show

John Golicz: CEO
(203)-878-2577 x107

COO - Travel and Adventure Show

Jim Forberg: COO
(203)-878-2577 x111

Show Management / Marketing / Speaking Inquiries / PR & Media Relations

Community Marketing Manager - Travel and Adventure Shows

Jonathan Golicz: Marketing Director
(203)-878-2577 x125

Registration and Data Services

Executive Director of Registration - Travel and Adventure Shows

Chris DeLuca: Executive Director of Registration and Data Services
(203)-878-2577 x109