America’s Only Travel Market Shows

The Travel & Adventure Show

Experience the Power of the Industry’s Leading Travel Sales & Marketing Platform

Going into our 20th year, over 118 events, and over $4.1 billion in influenced travel bookings, the Travel & Adventure Shows are the industry’s premier sales and marketing platform.

Nowhere else can you place you brand in front of an audience of pre-qualified travelers, Travel Advisors, and local and national media, in one weekend, all under one roof.

We Do the Prospecting for You, So You Can Concentrate on Your Sales.

At each Travel & Adventure Show, you’ll put your sales and marketing teams in front of a high quality, affluent audience of travel consumers who have the means necessary for both domestic and international travel.

Pre-qualified, educated and armed with questions, you’ll meet travelers who are in the peak influencing stage of the trip purchase process – the planning stage. They have their list of where they want to go and what they want to do, and this is your opportunity to show them why they should choose YOU.

These travelers pay up to $16 per ticket per person to attend each show and spend more than 4 hours on average at each event. This means that you can count on placing your brand in front of attendees who are serious about spending with you on their next trip.

Cutting Edge, Multi-Media Promotional Campaigns Attract Quality Consumers.

Professionally managed marketing, advertising and public relations campaigns are activated in each market, targeting your target demographic over multiple mediums.

From broadcast and streaming television spots, to radio, outdoor and hyper-targeted digital activations, we’ve developed a strategic, proven sales funnel designed to attract the type of traveler you’re looking for.

What’s more, top-level PR firms, local to each TAS city, work with local and national media outlets to ensure widespread promotion of the Show, its exhibitors and information in the months, weeks and days leading up to the event.

Strategically Positioned Shows Located in Top U.S. Feeder Markets

Located in 9 of the nation’s top DMA’s, the Travel & Adventure Show places each event in markets with large populations of affluent travel enthusiasts who have easy access to all types of mass transportation, ensuring that your destination is easily accessible.

As the only consumer-facing Travel Show Series in the country, only the Travel & Adventure Shows can consistently deliver qualified, ready-to-book attendees who are interested in both domestic and international travel options.

Are you ready to elevate your brand to the next level and connect with over 200,000 travelers? Click below on your industry segment and learn more about how the Travel & Adventure Show Series can help you in 2024 and beyond!

Travel Destinations

The Travel & Adventure Shows are located in 9 top gateway markets in the U.S.

Tour Operators

Meet tens-of-thousands of ready to book consumers looking to plan their next trip.

Travel Suppliers

Place your brand among the top travel brands from around the globe.