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Travel Shows Produce Proven Results

Over $4.1 Billion in Travel Bookings… & Counting!

As the leading travel expo in the country, only the Travel & Adventure Show Series can consistently deliver ready-to-book travelers right to you. From international and domestic destinations, to tour operators and top travel suppliers, these events have connected over 4,500 travel providers with over 2.5 million active travelers for over 18 years.

93% of travel show attendees state that their #1 reason for attending the event is to meet with you, the travel experts. This is your chance to meet face-to-face with your target demographic in a professional setting that facilitates quality conversations and most importantly, sales and bookings.

Current Exhibitors on the T&AS Experience

“Well this is a rare opportunity in the United States to reach thousands of travelers who are in the planning stage of their trip. If you want to place your destination at the forefront of the minds of American travel dreamers, this certainly is a good opportunity. I do it every year, and I do it every year for good reason.” – Rick Steves, CEO, Rick Steves Europe

“We were very busy on both days of the show. In fact, 80% of the time, all three of us were engaged in conversations, selling and pitching our tours. The Travel & Adventure Show was definitely worth our time, money and effort. In the three week period following the show, we have seen a great deal more activity at our website and fielded many telephone calls about our 2015 tours.” – David McGuffin, CEO and Founder, David McGuffin’s Exploring Europe, Inc.

“Exhibiting at our first Travel & Adventure Show was a great experience. The energy in the room was excellent and everyone enjoyed learning about our unique travel products. We were able to convert sales in our booth and traffic to our website got a bump from exposure at the show. San Diego ’14 was a new market for them and if it’s any indication of what to expect from the Chicago and LA Shows – we’re going to need more booth personnel!” – Adam Rapp, CEO, Clothing Arts

“Our first year exhibiting at the Travel & Adventure Shows has worked for our business. The large volume of people they attract provided great exposure for our brand and South Pacific destinations. Also, the strong bookings we’ve since made go far to show that people attending these events do so with the intention of securing their vacation arrangements.” – Matt Greenham, Business Development Manager, Air New Zealand Vacations

“Goway Travel has been exhibiting at the Travel Shows for years. Consistently we get leads & sales, but, this past Bay Area Travel Show produced a great return for us; highlighted by a single booking worth well over $100,000. Having researched in advance what exhibitors were going to be at the show, the client attended specifically to learn more about travel to the South Pacific. It is unlikely we would have made this connection and sale had we not exhibited at the Travel & Adventure Show.” – Anthony Saba, General Manager, Retail, Goway Travel, LTD.

“The great thing about the Travel & Adventure Show is that the people that attend here are travelers. They’re looking to plan trips, they know what they want, they have great questions – great questions for us that make us think more about our product and how we can help them better their travel experience.” – Ashley Heimbinger, VP of Sales, Visit Alaska