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The Travel & Adventure Show

Discover Thousands of Vacation Options from Around the Globe

Going into our 20th year and over 118 events, there’s a reason why over 2.2 million fellow travelers continue to trust the Travel & Adventure Shows year after year.

Unlike your traditional travel event, the Travel & Adventure Show puts you face-to-face with the top international and domestic travel destinations, tour operators, cruise lines and travel providers, in a no-pressure environment designed to help you find your next trip.


Thousands of Vacation Options, Right at Your Fingertips

In just one weekend you’ll have the chance to explore the top destinations from around the globe, meet large and small group specialty tour operators, discover large scale and boutique cruise lines, and uncover reliable travel providers directly on the show floor.

Every aisle is strategically placed according to region of the world, allowing you to compare different travel options all within one area. From ocean cruising and South Pacific islands to African safaris and U.S. based road trips, the whole world of travel is represented, and it’s all under one roof.

Your Vacation, Just the Way YOU Want It

Each booth space on the show floor is full of travel representatives who are experts in their field, all with one mission in mind: to help you find your dream trip, personalized to your specifications, at a price that you can’t find anywhere else.

These experts aren’t your every day sales representatives. They’re trained specifically to answer your questions, tailor itineraries based on your needs, and provide trusted booking options to help get you on your way.

What’s more, since you’re speaking with the organizations directly, they’re able to give you the best prices available, every single time.


Real Time Travel Advice and Inspiration, Directly from the Top Travel Personalities

Why spend hours reading travel blogs and scouring the internet for the most up-to-date travel information when you can hear it all in real-time, straight from the travel experts themselves?

Each day, you’ll have access to the top names in travel during dozens of travel seminars designed to inspire, educate and give you the travel tips you need to travel like an insider. From packing and travel technology tips, to maximizing reward points, traveling safely and behind the scenes access, everything you need to travel like a rockstar is available right on the show floor.

Every show contains your favorite travel celebrities during one-hour keynote sessions from the likes of Rick Steves, Phil Rosenthal, Josh Gates, Andrew McCarthy, Pauline Frommer, Peter Greenberg,

Pauline Frommer and more on the Travel Theater. Want more? Ask them your burning questions during live Q&A sessions, and even snag a selfie or an autograph immediately following their session.

Want to impress your family and friends with the top travel tips on your next trip? The Savvy Traveler Theater features 45 minute sessions on topics that you need to maximize your next trip. You’ll learn how to pack in a carry on for 2 weeks, the latest and greatest in travel technology, how to travel the world on just reward points, budget travel hacks and so much more.

On the Destination Theater, experience 30 minute sessions directly from the destination experts themselves. Learn where to go and what to do, the best time of year to travel and what hidden gems you can’t afford to miss.

The best part? All of this is included with your ticket!

Discover Exclusive Travel Savings and Giveaways, No Strings Attached

While you explore the show and talk with the travel experts in every booth, don’t forget to ask about their show-only deals & specials. Who knows, maybe you’ll even take your next trip for free.

Most Travel & Adventure Show exhibitors provide exclusive travel deals and travel specials that are only available at the event. No hour-long, sit down timeshare presentations here – this is the best way to travel on a budget and deal directly with reputable travel providers that you can’t find anywhere else.

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January 11-12, 2025

New York

January 25-26, 2025


February 1-2, 2025


February 1-2, 2025

Los Angeles

February 22-23, 2025


March 8-9, 2025

SF/Bay Area

March 15-16, 2025


March 22-23, 2025

Washington DC

March 29-30, 2025
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