Press Events

Press Events

From holding press conferences to participating in a conference session panel, the Travel & Adventure Show exhibitors can connect with the press to tell their story, show their products and demonstrate their expertise. We invite you to use a variety of on-site services and programs to execute your PR plan.

Press Conferences

A press conference at the show is an excellent way to have the media as a captive audience to debut new destination product offerings, tours, resort openings, or to make company announcements. If a press conference is part of your marketing strategy, the information below might be of assistance.

Can any company exhibiting at The Travel & Adventure Show hold a press conference?

Yes, all exhibitors are eligible. If you are interested in holding a press conference at any of the shows, please contact Jonathan Golicz at (203) 713-1074.

I would like to host a reception for the press. What opportunities do you have available?

There are opportunities to sponsor press events such as receptions or breakfasts in all markets.  Please contact Jonathan Golicz at (203) 713-1074.

Press Conference FAQ’s

On what dates may press conferences and events be held?

For any events to be held on-site, exhibitors may hold them during both days of the show.

At what times may press conferences or events be held?

Events may be held with approval by the Travel & Adventure Show anytime during show hours (if you prefer before or after show hours, please let us know so special arrangements can be made).

May I reserve a room for an entire day?

Yes, in all markets.  A fee may or may not be applied depending on the venue.  Any additional A/V equipment or furniture needs or catering would be at the expense of the exhibitor.  Please contact Jonathan Golicz, at (203) 713-1074 for details regarding location options.

Is signage for the press conference provided?

No. Exhibitors will need to make their own arrangements to have easels stationed in the Press Room to announce their event.

How can I make sure that the press attends my event?

The PR Agency can include your event in their overall event pitching and press invitation if they are given at least one month advance notice prior to the show. This outreach should not replace any outreach being undertaken by the exhibitor/event-holder, but will be able to compliment exhibitors efforts and drive additional people to the show.

Press Conference Tips

A press conference at the show can be a very useful public relations tool. With proper planning, a press event provides a forum to have a large, targeted audience at your disposal so that you may deliver breaking news about your destination, resort or tour company.

Here are some guidelines to a successful event:

  1. Establish clear and precise objectives.
  2. Decide on a setting that might enhance delivery.
  3. Decide on a strategic date and time to hold the event and then, if you’re planning to hold the event on-site during the show, check with Kit Hamilton to make certain there is room available to you. Do not draft invitations or notify attendees until you receive final written confirmation of the room site from  personnel.
  4. Use the pre-registered media list and other lists you or your PR firm compiles to identify and target the travel and/or lifestyle media that you wish to attend your event. Try setting a goal and working to meet it.
  5. Send electronic or printed invitations to the targeted media one month before the show.
  6. Follow-up with phone calls two weeks prior to the show to confirm attendance and remind potential attendees of the date and time.
  7. Prepare an announcement about the event to include in your press kits.
  8. Make sure to notify the Travel & Adventure Show staff of any changes in the date, time or location of your event—even if it is in your booth or outside the venue of the show.
  9. Have a sign-in book or business card collector at the door to see who attends your conference. Send thank you letters to those who attended and include any new information.
  10. For those exhibitors requesting an invitation-only event it is important to have someone stationed outside the door to ensure only those with invitations are allowed in. The Travel & Adventure Show does not have the manpower to do this for you.

How Can Exhibitors Become Involved with the Travel & Adventure Show Media Outreach Campaign

Each year, the Travel & Adventure Show conducts extensive media outreach to both the national print and broadcast (radio and TV) media, as well as to those media outlets in each of its show markets. Media are always interested in whatever is new in the travel industry. We send them stories about specific activities taking place at our shows, our broad range of fascinating and educational seminars that feature the best of what the industry has to offer and also any emerging industry trends.

We ask our exhibitors to contribute their news and attractions to this effort.  If you have news about your product:

  • Share it with the Travel & Adventure Show who can, in turn, share it with the media who will be covering the show.
  • Supply us with the names of your key representatives – those who will be quotable sources for the media.
  • Send us your press releases. You never know when something you are writing may tie in nicely with an industry trend piece and garner you unexpected coverage.
  • For television, please let us know which attractions you will provide that media can cover.
  • If you’re bringing a cultural element from your destination – and we strongly encourage you to do so – please make us aware of it so that we can alert the media.  The TV cameras especially wish to cover attractions and destinations that are colorful, entertaining and exotic, so if your attraction fits into any of those categories, please let us know!