Virtual Shows

Connect with Thousands of Qualified Consumers and Travel Agents – VIRTUALLY!

America’s Favorite Travel Shows Are Now America’s Favorite Virtual Travel Shows!

11 virtual events will each take place over the course of 2021, all on a weekday evening, focused on a different region of the world or travel vertical.

This format is designed specifically to better qualify attendees, as they would be paying to attend the show and learn more about the offerings in that geographical location and, most importantly, meet YOU.

What’s more, each event is limited to just 25-40 exhibitors, meaning you’ll be positioned for plenty of interaction with attendees throughout the event.

First-of-Its-Kind Technology

This customizable, bespoke platform features exciting theaters, live and on-demand content, as well as a real show floor that allows you to present your products and sell.

Every virtual booth space will also link up directly to your Travel & Tourism Connected Marketplace listing, allowing visitors to your booth to download collateral, view photo albums and videos, and even take advantage of an enhanced messaging function to facilitate efficient lead generation.

Each booth is also fully customizable via pre-built templates, or by way of an easy-to-use booth builder. If you can envision it, you can build it. Country and state-wide pavilions are also available, allowing you to feature private sector partners, complete with full DMO branding.

It’s All About Selling Travel

Exhibitors will also have the ability to take advantage of private Zoom Meeting Rooms, which are dedicated meeting spaces to host face-to-face interactions with attendees and agents. This feature will be a part of your booth, with a clickable entrance and schedule for attendees.

You can now add a face-to-face element to the virtual experience by hosting scheduled presentations right at your booth, hold live Q&A sessions, or move hot prospects to one-on-one or group sessions with sales personnel or booking agents.

This allows you to build trust among attendees, answer specific questions on the spot, as well as personalize product pitches or itineraries.

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We Do the Prospecting for You

The Virtual Travel & Adventure Shows already have a built-in audience of over 200,000 opt-in subscribers who frequent the live Travel & Adventure Shows across 10 DMA’s. With access to that consumer database, plus the over 5,000 opt-in travel advisors, you can count on reaching the qualified audience you’ve been accustomed to meeting at the regular TAS events.

What’s more, these virtual events aren’t tied to a specific market. This will allow for promotion to the whole U.S. via a vigorous digital advertising & promotional campaign targeting travel consumers & agents that match the audience profile of usual TAS attendees. We will also be providing VIP passes so you can invite your top customers and prospects to attend the event as your guest!

Dedicated Content

Each virtual event will focus on a different region of the world or travel specialty, ensuring that you’ll be meeting with qualified attendees looking to book their next trip with YOU.

What’s more, programming for each event will be specific to that event’s theme, with top tier travel celebrities headlining the Virtual Travel Theater to attract travel super fans.

The Virtual Savvy Traveler Theater will feature top travel influencers from the Travel & Adventure Show network who will provide on-demand presentations focusing on information designed to help attendees safer, better and more efficiently.

At the Virtual Destination Theater, brands like yours will have the opportunity to present destination-specific advice via on-demand presentations. From where to go and what to do, to how to get there and where to stay, this is your chance to showcase what your destination or product has to offer.

Key Features

  • Meet pre-qualified attendees that will be investing their time and money to meet you directly
  • Option to create dedicated Zoom Meeting Rooms to meet prospective buyers face-to-face
  • On-demand virtual stage sessions allow for attendees to engage with your dedicated content
  • Booth space will link directly to your Travel & Tourism Connected Marketplace listing, allowing for turnkey activation
  • Maximum discoverability as exhibitor and sponsor participation will be capped