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Tune into the national parks with ParkTracks

Leave Aisle 1200 and enter into the peace and serenity of the national parks with ParkTracks, a soundscape brought to you by the national park foundation.
Booth #1220

Visit Redding Photo Booth #1001

Picture yourself in the outdoor paradise of Redding California and Shasta Cascade!
Stop by the Visit Redding Photo Booth #1001 and discover the area’s unique destinations including Shasta Cascade.
You can leave the show with some pictures of you and yours at exciting Redding California and Shasta Cascade locations with our interactive and hugely fun Green Screen Photo Booth. Pick your spot from our amazing collection of Redding’s most famous travel icons – and our professionals will prop you up, snap a great pic and give you a take home photo.
Booth #1001

Coconut Tree Climb

The Coconut Tree Climb is a fun new take on Rock Walls. Each Tree is 30 feet high, and has handholds and grips the entire way up. Participants are harnessed into the easy auto-belay system at the bottom and can race against two friends to the top. Buzzers are at the top of each tree. Once climbers are done they can let go of the tree and glide down. The auto-belay safety system automatically lowers participants quickly and easily.
Booth #1134

String Band

The Cook Islands are  located in the heart of Polynesia, on the same time zone as Hawaii, and the same distance south as Hawaii is north of the equator. Be entertained by one of the top cultural dance groups in the Cook Islands the “Akirata Dance Troupe”, traveling over 4,000 miles across the Pacific Ocean to showcase exciting dancing and singing that is sure to wow audience members of all ages. Cook Islands culture has been passed down through Polynesian dancing, music, chants and storytelling from generation to generation, and preserved meticulously in this island nation.