Boston Influencers

Kathryn Roy

Writer/Photographer, Staying Afloat Blog, Value Travel & East Coast Lifestyle

Staying Afloat blog offers value travel inspiration to the world traveler who isn’t quite backpacker budget and far from luxurious traveler. As US East Coast based marine scientists by day, the authors also cover a lot of ground from Massachusetts to North Carolina. The blog includes a sprinkle of fun ecological facts and occasional reminders of the importance of being environmentally responsible.

Brenda Nguyen

Founder & Visual Storyteller, Wandering Boston Eater

Brenda Nguyen is a visual storyteller as she recounts her experiences often eating and traveling solo between her 9-5 role in Pharmaceuticals. Wandering Boston Eater is a platform not only to provide tips and tricks on where to eat and how to travel, but also a forum to discuss topics as a female solo foodventurer. When Brenda isn’t traveling locally or abroad to new and exciting places in her personal life, she manages supply chain for clinical trials, and  is often traveling and exploring new places for her professional life. Wandering Boston Eater is a source to read anecdotal tellings of traveling and foodventuring, whether it be for personal or professional experiences.