Travel & Tourism Connected Marketplace

Are You Connecting With All of Your Business Opportunities?

Stay Connected and Remain Discoverable to All!

Generate Leads, Drive Bookings

Whether you are a travel provider looking to find new agents to sell your product or a tour operator looking to generate leads that turn into bookings, the Travel & Tourism Connected Marketplace builds on the relationship generation of live Travel & Adventure Shows and carries it to a year-long, 24/7, online tool for travel industry deal making.

This new product allows destinations, tour operators and travel suppliers to connect with an audience of qualified travel advisors, travel trade, consumers and ultimately, each other, in an easy to use platform designed to create relationships leading to:

  • Travel bookings
  • Supply chain development
  • Like-minded partnerships
  • And much more

Centered on an exhaustive, searchable and linkable robust multimedia directory platform, the Travel & Tourism Connected Marketplace allows industry stakeholders to create a business centric listing in a mini-site that’s exclusive to them.

Each dedicated listing is designed to present information that travel agents, consumers and like-minded travel marketers can search based on unique customers demographics, destination features, travel tip and specialties, and other searchable criteria.

This allows for travel sellers and marketers to connect with travel buyers, forge new relationships and, in short, become completely discoverable within in the industry.

Key Features:

  • One-on-one messaging and chat functionality allows for private messaging back and forth to further qualify incoming leads.
  • Video and collateral posting provides downloadable information for interested prospects and partners
  • Searchable criteria makes your brand discoverable and allows for narrowed down search results
  • Categories are broken out by both region of the world as well as activity or specialty, allowing for enhanced discoverability among multiple categories
  • COVID-19 information portal allows for real-time updates on how travel suppliers are handling the COVID-19 issue both with destination, private sector and municipalities

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Plans and Pricing

Information on how Travel Advisors and Consumers can join the Travel & Tourism Connected Marketplace will be announced soon – stay tuned!