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Peter Greenberg

Emmy Award-Winning Investigative Reporter and Producer and CBS News Travel Editor


Peter Greenberg, Celebrity Travel Speaker

Peter Greenberg is referred to as “The Travel Detective” for a reason: He has traveled the world and unveiled information that every traveler needs to know. Whether it’s the latest changes in airline policies or the tourist destinations that are the epitome of traps, Peter Greenberg isn’t afraid to dig deep to get the dirt on traveling. From radio to television to the newsroom and stage, Peter Greenberg is always ready to share his latest intel—and it’s sure to be intriguing.

On the Radio

Peter Greenberg hosts a weekly radio show titled, “Peter Greenberg Worldwide.” Thousands of people across the U.S.A. tune in every week to hear the latest happenings of his travels, as he broadcasts from a new worldwide location each week.

On Television

Peter Greenberg’s first job was as a West Coast correspondent for Newsweek in California. His passion for the news still remains, as he is the standing travel editor for CBS News. He routinely appears on a variety of CBS broadcasts, including CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley, CBS This Morning, and Sunday Morning. His other television work includes:

  • The Travel Detective with Peter Greenberg – This public television show offers viewers exclusive travel information and tips to make the traveling experience more enjoyable.
  • The Royal Tour – As the producer and co-host, Peter Greenberg explores various countries with their current leaders, including the King of Jordan, the President of Mexico, and the Prime Minister of Israel.
  • CNBC Featured Specials – Peter Greenberg produces and hosts an abundance of investigative travel reports for CNBC where he reports on all aspects of the travel industry.

In Print

On a mission to help the world travel well, Peter Greenberg is a New York Times best-selling author of several books for his Travel Detective series. His titles include: The Best Places for Everything, The Complete Travel Detective Bible, and Donʼt Go There! He also works as the editor of Global Business Travel magazine and writes featured articles for Watch! magazine.

On Stage

Peter Greenberg is one of the most respected and admired celebrity travel speakers in the industry. He is a regular guest speaker for the World Travel and Tourism Council and is a chief moderator at the Global Tourism Economic Forum. His resume includes a TED talk and an impressive list of appearances at special events. His is also a highly anticipated celebrity travel speaker at several Travel & Adventure Show expos across the country.

Recognition for Peter Greenberg

Peter Greenberg has made countless contributions to the travel and tourism industry, and he has several awards to demonstrate just how valuable he is:

  • Travel Weekly named him one of the most influential people in travel.
  • He is a member of the U.S. Travel Association’s Hall of Leaders.
  • Peter Greenberg has earned two Emmy Awards for his investigative reporting, including one for his 20/20 special, “What Happened to the Children?” and another for the Dateline news story, “Miracle on the Hudson.”
  • The University of Wisconsin has given him the Distinguished Service Award in Journalism.
  • The Aviation Space Writers Association of America honored him with an Excellence in Broadcasting Award.

As an Emmy Award-winning reporter, producer, and travel connoisseur, Peter Greenberg is a distinguished celebrity travel speaker that anyone would be fortunate to learn from, and we are proud to have him at the Travel & Adventure Show.


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