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Africa Endeavours
About Us

We delight in sharing our love of Africa through perfectly tailored, transformative journeys to the purest, wildest, and most spectacular destinations on earth.  Our Africa safari vacations are all about discovery.  Before we can help you discover Africa, we must discover you—your personality, your passions, your inspiration.  Then, through our firsthand knowledge of Africa’s hidden gems and close relationships with our partners on the ground, we’ll arrange your life-changing safari experience.  The result?  A trip to Africa that fits perfectly with your idea of comfort, luxury, and adventure—plus some unique surprises that will make you fall head-over-heels in love with this incredible part of the world. 
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African Savannah Holidays
About Us

Welcome to the African Savannah Holidays Experience! 
African Savannah Holidays is an incorporated Tour Operator Company, located in Nairobi Kenya.  We are fully licensed by the Tourism Regulatory Authority.  We offer travel management solutions focusing on Guided Safari Tours within Eastern Africa; i.e. Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Zanzibar.  Our Tour Packages are flexible to preferred interest and budgets for our clients.  With the help of our team of qualified Tour Consultants, we package Luxury Wildlife Safari Packages, Beach Holidays, Mountaineering, Photography, Wildlife and Bird Watching, and Cultural experiences. 
At African Savannah, we purpose not only to offer you value for your money, but we also strive to give you the best experience most sought after in the region. 
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Cross to Africa Safaris
About Us

Cross to Africa Safaris, a Tanzanian based company whose head offices are in Arusha. Over the years, Cross to Africa Safarishas been the main driving force, a market leader and a strong mover within the travel and tours industry in Tanzania. With our recommendable experiences we have built a strong sense of trust and commitment amongst our employees, giving them opportunities to grow and expand within the company and to steer the company forward.
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Dancing Zebra Safari
About Us

Dancing Zebra Safari Co specializes in custom wildlife  safaris in Eastern & Southern Africa. We offer  unparalleled personal experiences, tailored to your  unique tastes and desires. We work  with  the highest rated guides in the safari  industry, professional and  enthusiastic individuals who work  tirelessly to facilitate a once-in-a-lifetime  adventure for our guests. We continuously explore the hidden gems of Africa, nurturing our network of industry-leading  suppliers who provide elegance in the  most remote and extraordinary locations. Truth  be told, we love being pampered almost as much as we love wildlife.
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Excellent Guides Tours & Safaris
About Us

Excellent Guides Tours & Safaris is one of the leading Tour Operators in Tanzania-East Africa, providing comprehensive services for groups and individuals from and to the country. We were founded in 2000 by qualified professionals with years of experience in the tourism industry, keeping up the excellent work through professional guides, modern transportation, quality hotels and fine restaurants. We provide alternative options for travelers seeking a more localized travel experience with safety assurance. We provide safari holiday, Kilimanjaro trekking, VIP, honeymoon, family holiday, photographic trips, filming and regular tours, airport transfers, city-to-city transfers, air tickets, ground handling services, groups and corporations from all over the world. Our core value is “Serving with Excellence and Passion”. We believe an excellent holiday allows you to discover breathtaking places and get to know and immerse yourself in foreign cultures. We want you to return home with lasting memories and an authentic impression of our country.
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Go Touch Down Travel & Tours
About Us

Go Touch Down Travel and Tours has offices in the USA, Canada, Australia, Indonesia and South Africa. Our corporate offices are in Sarasota, Florida. We are a licensed bonded seller of travel in Florida and California. Our small guided group tours are full-board and depart every week. We are proudly associated with the Touch Down Group in South Africa. The group develops and manages their own property portfolio – hence no middleman. Go Touch Down is 100% in control of the quality, security and outcome of your vacation experience; from start to finish. We send more North Americans to South Africa than any other tour operator. We specialize in tours for people that don’t like going on tours.
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Deals & Steals:

We are extremely proud and excited about the #Travel24 program that was launched during the Covid19 pandemic. Our existing travelers can move their 2020 dates to travel anytime in the next 24 months at no change fee or penalties.  New travelers can select any of our Safari or Cape Town tours at the deals and steals price (i.e.. save as much as $900 per person) and travel anytime in the next 24 months (2021 or 2022). Our tours have maximum 6 pax in a group, includes a full-board experience and all daily excursions. Single travelers do not pay extra and don’t share.

Nomad Africa Tours & Safaris
About Us

Nomad Africa Tours & Safaris is one of the premier Tour Operators in Africa, specializing in the Authentic African Adventure.  With 23 years of experience, we pride ourselves in showcasing Africa and its wonders to the world
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Sababu Safaris
About Us

Sababu Safaris is an owner-run boutique company with a small international team committed to creating unique journeys in Tanzania that change hearts and minds and leave a long-lasting impact on both guests and local communities alike.  Where most safari companies pledge to pour resources back into the community, Sababu Safaris allows guests to see the difference and in most cases, make the difference themselves.  The goal is to give visitors the opportunity to travel with purpose, hence the name Sababu the Swahili word for “purpose”.  Visit our website at 

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South Africa
About Us

Beyond Cape Town and Johannesburg, South Africa is home to diverse communities and cultures. Start to explore what makes South Africa unique from the comfort of your own home!
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The Real South Africa
About Us

We are a full-service travel company to South Africa owned by Americans based in South Africa to give you all of what the country offers in the tourism space.
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Wandering Thru Photo Safaris & Expeditions
About Us

Wandering Thru is a boutique safaris operator offering tailor-made and privately guided safaris to Southern, East and Central Africa.  We specialize in small group departures, and our focus is to connect the traveler to the natural world in an intimate and authentic way.  Our privately guided safari is without a doubt the best way to travel.  Our expert guides will assist you and bring to life your dream safari anywhere in the world and will personally guide you throughout the itinerary to further enrich your experience.  Whether your focus is on wildlife photography or interpreting the natural world, a Wandering Thru Private Guide will add unique perspective to your safari.
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Zara Tours
About Us

Founded in 1986, Zara Tours is Tanzania’s unrivalled No. 1 Kilimanjaro trekking company and the largest safari operator in the region.  We offer daily departures for all Kilimanjaro routes, Mount Meru and Safari in Tanzania and East Africa.  Private or group safari and climbs can be arranged for privates, corporates and for groups of any size.  Currently own and operate 2 hotels, 3 lodges and 4 tented camps in the northern circuit of TanzaniaProvide VIP, honeymoon and regular tours, airport transfers, city-to-city transfers, ground handling services, groups and corporations from all over the world. 
Zara Tours is the proud recipient of three awards by Tanzania National Parks1st prize Best Tour Operator (overall), 1st prize Mountain Climbing, and Best Seasonal/Special Camp in Serengeti, the premier touring, trekking, and safari company in the region. 
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Cheesemans’ Ecology Safaris
About Us

For nearly four decades, Cheesemans’ Ecology Safaris has designed trips that provide maximum time out in nature to experience and photograph wildlife. Our goal is to inspire travelers with the values of conservation and education. Cheesemans’ Ecology Safaris grew out of Doug, Gail, and Ted Cheeseman’s passion for exploring, protecting, and learning about the incredible wildlife and environments found around the world. To spread this contagious passion wide, we lead unsurpassed tours with the goal of providing a higher standard of wildlife travel under the guidance and knowledge of the best leaders available.  
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For details on our current promotion to South Georgia Island & the Antarctic Peninsula, click here: South Georgia & Antarctic Peninsula trip from October 20 to November 11, 2022. 



GIVE Volunteers
About Us

GIVE offers amazing, once-in-a-lifetime volunteer abroad programs that transform the lives of its volunteers, igniting new passions and inspiring incredible personal growth. Work and play side-by-side with community locals. Immerse yourself in extraordinary new worlds abroad. Break down cultural barriers and build up lifelong relationships.
Our sustainable development initiatives have a lasting impact on the communities we serve and the volunteers who engage with them. Unlike other volunteer abroad programs, our volunteers stay involved long after their experience ends, becoming lifelong global citizens and goodwill ambassadors.
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Magical Journeys Beyond
About Us

Magical Journeys Beyond offers customized private tours to many destinations in South and Southeast Asia, including India, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Tibet, Mongolia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and The Maldives. Our tours are designed to explore the exciting elements that make each destination unique; from wildlife to culture, history to cuisine, art to architecture. Priced very affordably, our tours meet the highest standards in guest satisfaction, professionalism, comfort, reliability and enjoyment.
Our staff travels to Asia multiple times each year to explore these destinations and identify the hidden treasures that give each country its distinct flavor. Whether it is well-known sights, picturesque back roads or hidden treasures in remote corners, we develop each tour with an eye for detail that brings to life the rich culture of each country.
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Special Offers for 2020-2021: 

Since many of our guests may have delayed their travel plans to Asia citing current health concerns, we are extending last year’s pricing into the upcoming travel season.  Destinations in South and Southeast Asia are typically best seen during the fall, winter and spring months, so we are extending pricing from the 2019-2020 season into any tours that depart the USA prior to March 31, 2021.  


Malaysia Truly Asia
About Us

Malaysia Awaits You with Malaysia Truly Asia.  Located strategically at the heart of Southeast Asia, a tropical paradise filled with a wide variety of unique attractions.  A fulfilling holiday with pristine beaches, breathtaking islands and underwater landscapes, a rich tapestry of cultures and history, well-preserved heritage treasures, world-class modern facilities, a fascinating collection of flora and fauna in one of the world’s oldest tropical rain-forests, lush and well-maintained nature reserves, a gastronomic paradise with a delightful array of mouth-watering cuisine and a long list of shopping hot spots.  Great value for money destination that will continuously fascinate and enchant you endlessly. Come and discover the many wonders and charms of Malaysia Truly Asia!  #Malaysia Awaits You 
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Philippine Department of Tourism
About Us

The Philippine Department of Tourism (PDOT) is a government agency established to undertake research and gather data on tourism market trends and other information; coordinate the implementation of its plans, policies and programs, including the multilateral and bilateral agreements, with National Tourism Organizations and other international associations; supervise the implementation of international tourism promotions program in their respective jurisdictions as well as provide information on the preparation of international promotions plan.
The three offices in North America, particularly in Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco, are tasked to develop and implement programs and activities designed to promote the Philippines as a tourism destination within their areas of jurisdiction.
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About Us

Taiwan is truly multifaceted  as a compact yet vibrant country and here’s why -  
Taipei’s bustling metropolitan embodies  world class  Michelin cuisines  and some of the most distinguished  local restaurants,  street foods   and  nightlife  at the same time;  one could have a taste of something different every hour in 24 hours all within reach. With just a short train/bus ride away, you will be transported to the quaint and charming small towns where you can soak in natural  hot springs  to take care of your wellness needs.  
The fluidity of change of scenery is what you can expect when you travel through Taiwan.  
From now through 2021,  Mountain Tourism  &  Bike Tourism  are the two key Taiwan tourism themes. They are essential to the  Taiwan  LOHAS (Lifestyle  Of Health and Sustainability)  promoting nature & culture preservation.  It can be best experienced through exploring nature’s abundance of this incredibly resilient island.  
About the size of Massachusetts,  Taiwan  is a mountainous country with over 268 peaks above 9,800 feet across the subtropical zone.  TravelAge West shares the “4 Hikes With Breathtaking Scenery in Taiwan’s Taroko National Park” where turquoise rivers flow along the spectacular marble gorge. Four levels of trails with different views plus insider tips like snacking on indigenous cuisines on the way, so no packing of snacks is needed 
Travel on two wheels – cycling – in Taiwan is  Asia’s best kept secret. 
Cycling around the entire islantakes as little  9 days.  
Taiwan’s annual  cycling festival  is also not to be missed; cycling enthusiasts who are up for a ride of your life time alongside world class professionals should definitely check out the  KOM challenge . 
For outdoor adventures and mountain tours, please visit our partner Wildman International Travel & Tours. 

Australia/South Pacific

Cook Islands
About Us

The Cook Islands; a modern Polynesia nation of 15 islands scattered across a vast swathe of the Pacific Ocean halfway between New Zealand and Hawaii. An oasis of freedom with crystal blue waters, white sandy beaches, warm weather all year round and authentic, friendly locals. Less than 30 minutes from your plane to any beach, its so easy to do as much or as little as you like in the Cook Islands. Come share our Kia Orana spirit and discover why everyone loves a little paradise.
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Down Under Endeavours 
About Us

Down Under Endeavours handcrafts dream vacations to some of the most exotic, rejuvenating, and exciting places on earth.  We are not your average travel agency, and our clients are not average travelers.  They are adventurous, curious, and passionate.  They seek an authentic experience on the road less traveled yet want to see it all.  Our team of experts provides all of this and more.  We specialize in luxury travel to Australia, New Zealand, and the South Pacific, offering firsthand expertise you won’t find on the internet.  Fueled by our passion for travel, each of our team members regularly visits the South Pacific, venturing far and wide to discover the hidden gems that truly give a place its character.  We go above and beyond to provide personal touches, unexpected highlights, and meaningful insight into our corner of the world. 
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Tourism Fiji
About Us

Located in the heart of the South Pacific, Fiji is blessed with 333 tropical islands that are home to some of the happiest people on Earth.  Known for its luxurious private-islands, all-inclusive resorts, top spas, culinary destinations and outdoor adventures, Fiji is most widely celebrated for its culture, which uniquely welcomes visitors home.  Fiji’s white sand beaches and pristine, crystal-clear ocean waters offer an ideal vacation destination for divers, honeymooners, friends and families– or simply, those looking to relax and get away from it all. 
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Anthony’s Key Resort
About Us

Anthony’s Key Resort is located on the island of Roatan in the Bay of Honduras.  Over 50 years ago, we envisioned a place that would give guests an authentic island experience.  Our resort features intimate wooden bungalows where you can embrace the beauty of the Caribbean as nature intended.  Without the distraction of telephones and TVs, our bungalows allow you to focus on what’s important — time with loved ones and making memories that will last you a lifetime! 
 While here, you may be surprised to find that your favorite afternoon pastime is lazing in a hammock, while simply enjoying the sound of the ocean.  However, if you’re in the mood for more adventure, you’ll find there are endless opportunities to explore all the natural treasures that call Roatan home Whether you’re a newbie diver or returning regular, diving with us will suit any skill level.  From snorkeling to horseback riding, kayaking to zip-lining, at Anthony’s Key, we make it easy for you to take advantage of all the experiences that await you here. 
 At Anthony’s Key Resort, you’ll have a vacation with the perfect blend of adventure and tranquility.  If you need a little inspiration for when you get back to traveling, take a look at our all-inclusive vacation packages promotions. 
 To learn more about us, visit 

About Us

As one of the most revisited destinations in the Caribbean, Aruba — One happy island — is an island of contradictions, where pristine turquoise waters collide against the desert-like terrain of the north shore; where peace and relaxation coexist with wild and rugged adventures; where Dutch influence meets American ease; and where a diverse history parallels a bright future. 
Nestled in the Southern Caribbean on the fringes of the hurricane belt, the island is just a two-and-a-half hour flight from Miami and a four-hour flight from New York City and also boasts year-round cooling trade winds and an average 82-degree temperature. 
Aruba offers beach lovers, adrenaline junkies, relaxation seekers and everyone in between a slice of paradise, including breathtaking beaches, a booming culinary scene, world famous festivals and events, exciting land and water activities, art galleries and museums, sumptuous spas, championships golf and exclusive shopping. 
With all-inclusive options, boutique properties in charming Eagle Beach, high-rise branded resorts in Palm Beach or cosmopolitan city hotels in Oranjestad, the island of contradictions provides the perfect getaway for first-time guests and loyal visitors. 
Aruba’s highest priority is the health and well-being of our people and visitors. We will welcome guests back to our sunny shores as soon as it is safe to do so.  
While we know it does not quite compare to the real Aruba, we have created a  special happiness video  to give those at home a taste of our One Happy Island until we can be together again. 
Company Website: 

British Virgin Islands
About Us

Discovering the beauty of British Virgin Islands is all about uncovering the unique character of each island in this unspoiled volcanic archipelago.  From the culture and history of BVI’s four largest islands to the pristine natural splendor of more than 50 smaller isles, every place you drop anchor offers its own special magic.  Be drawn in by Virgin Gorda’s natural granite pillars.  Rediscover play and adventure in Tortola.  Let the island spirit move you on Jost Van Dyke.  Glimpse perfection in Anegada.  No matter where you land, you’ll find friendly people, incredible beaches and recreational activities that exceed all expectations.  For the active and the adventurous, the curious and cultured, foodies, fun-seekers, and families – the BVI beckons.  Seek out spectacular views high above the seaside villages or deep beneath the surface of our inviting turquoise waters. 
The best-kept secret in the Caribbean is yours to discover.  Learn where you can hop off your boat and immerse yourself in the unique culture, endless adventures and discoveries waiting to be made on and offshore.  Nearly 600 nautical miles and 60 islands await you when the time is right.  We are keeping Nature’s Little Secrets safe for you. 
 Dream today at

Discover Puerto Rico
About Us

Discover Puerto Rico is a newly established private, not for-profit Destination Marketing Organization (DMO) whose mission is to make Puerto Rico visible to the world as a premier travel destination. 
To learn more about Puerto Rico, visit 

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Divi & Tamarijn Aruba
About Us

Located in the southern branch of the Caribbean islands, Aruba is the perfect spot for a getaway with beautiful weather and the friendliest locals.  A sunny island rich in history, Aruba offers a great variety of things to see and do.   
The Divi Aruba All Inclusive and our adjacent Tamarijn Aruba All Inclusive bookend an expansive stretch of beach in the authentically Aruban Divi community.  Walkable to shops, restaurants and the Alhambra Casino, the seafront properties are low profile and nestled among tropical foliage with views of pristine waters and palapas dotting the beach.  We are conveniently situated five minutes from Aruba’s capital city, Oranjestad, and 10 minutes from Queen Beatrix International Airport. 
Within our all-inclusive resorts, you’ll have access to all 10 of our restaurants and unlimited beverages at our 8 bars.  We offer a selection of water sports to try and even offer a beach clinic where guests can learn how to windsurf.  For families with young children, we also provide a Sea Turtles Club with classes throughout the day to keep kids engaged. 
Explore all that Divi & Tamarijn Aruba All Inclusives have to offer at and 

El Cozumeleño Beach Resort
About Us

We are located on the island of Cozumel, on the white sand beaches and facing the Caribbean Sea, at the north of the city of San Miguel just 5 minutes from downtown Cozumel and the International Airport. Our spacious rooms, all with ocean views and a balcony, make El Cozumeleño Beach Resort the best option for families seeking comfort, fun and relaxation.  Our select All-Inclusive allows the guest to delight in exquisite dishes, either a la carte or buffet that gives you a unique experience. We also have a private beach perfect for snorkeling and diving. 
El Cozumeleño Beach Resort has everything you need for your groups and conventions, with auditoriums and events with capacity for up to 500 people.  We are proud to offer you the highest quality in our hosting services, food and entertainment. 
To learn more visit our website at 

Current Deal: 

70% off booking via phone or mail: 800 2150 800/USA & CANADA: 1 800 437 3923 ! 

ENVY Yacht Charters
About Us

ENVY YACHT CHARTERS is a leader in the private yacht charter industry, offering over 700 yacht choices for your private sailing or motor yacht vacation worldwide.  From the popular Caribbean destinations of the British Virgin Islands, St. Barts and the Grenadines, to the Bahamas and the Mediterranean hot spots of Greece and Croatia – we can book it all.  Looking for something in Thailand, Fiji or other areas of the South Pacific…. we have yachts there too!   
We personally inspect the yachts we represent each year, meeting your Captains and crew to ensure that our expectations are met and your expectations are surpassed.  Imagine your own private yacht setting out on your own personalized itinerary surrounded by only the guests you have invited on board.  The food and beverages are provisioned to your preferences; this level of service is consistent on our budget catamarans to our most luxurious mega yacht.
We have the experience and knowledge to GET YOU ON BOARD – to your own little floating paradise. 
Visit our website,  , for more information.


AMADEUS River Cruises
About Us

AMADEUS River Cruises is a family owned European river cruise company that specializes in unforgettable itineraries paired with culturally authentic excursions rooted in 40 years of river cruising excellence.  
To learn more, please visit our website at

Travel Offer:

$1.00 Down Deposit for ANY 2020 AMADEUS River Cruise with FREE Cancellation within 60 Days of Final Payment PLUS a free Excursion Package A on us! 
$100.00 Down Deposit for ANY 2021 AMADEUS River Cruise with FREE Cancellation within 120 Days of  Final Payment PLUS a free Excursion Package A on us! 
 Valid for New Bookings Only.  Call Today and Use Code: SPRINGSPRUNG 

Australis Cruises
About Us

Australis is a luxury expedition cruise line that sails through the fjords and channels of Tierra del Fuego in the Chilean-Argentine Patagonia.  Specializing in concentrated tourism since 1990, Australis has for 30 years taking travelers from all over the world to visit one of the most beautiful and pristine regions of the planet.  Its sister ships, Stella Australis and Ventus Australis, sail 4-night and 8-night itineraries between Punta Arenas and Ushuaia from September to April.  With an all-inclusive on-board system, first-class cuisine, open bar and an expedition program run by expert guides, it has won important awards such as the Travel + Leisure World’s Best Awards and Cruiser’s Choice Awards as best small cruise in South America. 
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Celebrity Cruises
About Us

A Celebrity Cruises® vacation will change the way you experience the world Step aboard any one of our award-winning ships (there are 14 in our fleet) and settle into the most spacious, luxurious, and stylish accommodations.  Find a new favorite restaurantmiles at seawhere every menu is crafted by Michelin-starred chefs.  Discover a revolution in relaxation with worldclass spas and wellness programs never before offered at sea.  And, you’ll get used to being pampered by our professional staff dedicated to ensuring you never have to lift a finger on vacation.  With a wide variety of unique itineraries that visit more than 320 of the most alluring destinations in 80 countries, you’re sure to find the perfect sailingwhether it’s for a family vacation, a romantic escape, or a getaway with friends.  See for yourself why Celebrity Cruises was voted best premium cruise line 12 years in a row—and counting.  
To learn more about us and our current offers, visit 
We can’t wait to welcome you aboard. 

Cruise Planners
About Us

Cruise Planners, the nation’s largest home-based travel advisor franchise network and an American Express Travel Representatives, has more than 2,500 franchise owners who independently book vacations and travel experiences for their clients. Headquartered in Coral Springs, Fla., since 1994, Cruise Planners supports its network of franchise owners with innovative marketing, booking and technology tools, professional development and training with the industry’s top executives. Cruise Planners has been named the No. 1 travel franchise by Entrepreneur magazine for 16 consecutive years and was on the Inc. 5000 list as one of the fastest-growing private companies in America. Cruise Planners has achieved top producer status with every major cruise line, many land vendors and maintains a philanthropic drive earning an International Franchise Association Fran Tech Award for innovation and Magellan Awards from Travel Weekly.
Visit our website,, for more information.

Haugan Cruises
About Us

Haugan Cruises will take you on an adventure of a lifetime.  Our boutique yachts are unlike any other form of travel and the only way to experience the magic of the Galapagos Islands.  From exclusive voyages to transformational adventures, your journey starts here, today. 
Visit our website,  , for more information.

Current Deal:

Your dream vacation paid in installments!  Start dreaming now, travel later!  Flexible dates for travelling within 2 years of purchaseBuy a gift card NOW – you save money buying at today’s price and avoid uncertainty by deciding when to travel.  Each gift card has bonus services as well! 

MSC Cruises
About Us

The MSC Cruises experience embodies the elegant side of the Mediterranean to create unique and unforgettable emotions for guests, through discovery of the world’s cultures, beauties and tastes. MSC Cruises translates its passion for the sea into a commitment to excellence in hospitality, professionalism, dedication and mastery of every single detail to ensure the complete happiness and satisfaction of each and every guest.
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Oceanwide Expeditions
About Us

Oceanwide Expeditions is one of the pioneers in ship-based expeditions to the polar regions, to both Antarctica and the Arctic region with destinations such as Svalbard and Greenland. 
Oceanwide Expeditions owns and operates its own icestrengthened vessels allowing us to adapt our program and routes to the customer demand.  We provide our passengers maximum firsthand engagement with the polar terrain, its wildlife, and all the exciting activities the environment makes possible. 
Plainly put, we visit the most iconic landscapes in the polar regions.  We specialize in seeking the full wealth of polar wildlife and partaking in activities that highlight the many unique attributes that define the surreal polar world.  Our experienced expedition guides are ever on the lookout for encounters with polar bears, penguins, whales, seals, walruses, and all the other precious polar animals that call these regions home. 
Not only that, our invigorating outdoor activities equally characterize our voyages: Hiking, kayaking, mountaineering, skiing, diving, camping, photography workshops, and interactive presentations are among the many ways our cruises compliment their sightseeing and wildlife-watching aspects with invigorating outdoor adventures. 
Learn more by visiting our web site at

Skorpios Cruises
About Us

Skorpios Cruises, a family company pioneer in the shipping tourism in Chile, offers the experience of enjoying the spectacular coastline of Chilean Patagonia. Our ships are designed and built in our own shipyards, both cruise ships are fitted for this task, so during our visits to the glaciers, we use well equipped boats to ensure the comfort and safety of our passengers.
We offer two routes:
Chonos Route – Northern Ice Field, on board Skorpios II
5 nights cruise, sailing from Puerto Montt, navigates through channels, archipelagos and fjords of Northern Patagonia, surrounded by lush nature. Visit to local villages, San Rafael Glacier, Quitralco Fjord, where passengers enjoy the natural hot springs and rainforest walk.
Capacity: 106 passengers
Kaweskar Route – Southern Ice Field, on board Skorpios III
3 nights cruise, sailing from Puerto Natales on Tuesday and Friday. Navigates through the channels and fjords of Southern Patagonia. We will see up to 15 glaciers.
Capacity: 90 passengers
For more information, visit our website: HTTP://WWW.SKORPIOS.CL


About Us

Alpenwild is the North American leader in active travel in the European Alps.  Since 2003, we’ve offered a wide variety of adventure tours in the Alps including our widely popular Scenic Alps by Rail in Switzerland, guided and self-guided Tour du Mont Blanc, the Classic Haute Route and more.  Our tour packages include accommodations, meals, deluxe and exclusive excursions, small groups and any tour can be customized as needed. 
We recently launched our #dreambigthealpsawait campaign, inspired by Switzerland Tourism’s #dreamnowtravellater campaign.  More information can be found here Please check out our social channels for more excellent campaign content and feel free to share our content. 
To learn more, please visit our website at 

Camino Ways
About Us

Greenlife Tours Ltd is the company behind brands,, 
We believe travelling is about enriching personal experiences, the people you share the journey with or you meet along the way but mostly, about opening up to a new way to see the world around us or even a new way to see ourselves. 
We are a team of knowledgeable and enthusiastic travel professionals, coming from different countries and continents; and we are proud to be part of the journey of many people from all over the world every year. 
Learn more by visiting our web site at

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Currently  offering  10% OFF 2020 trips

Cultural Italy
About Us

Founded in 2003, Cultural Italy organizes custom Italy vacations for families, couples, friends, honeymooners.  We also arrange incentive trips focusing on wellness, yoga and expressive arts. 
During the quarantine, we are offering free live cooking demos, language classes and themed presentations with our specialized guides. 
For updates join our mailing list.
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Exploring Europe with David McGuffin
About Us

Our mission is to inspire European travel through individual and group guided tours focusing on culture, art, history, and engaging experiences. David believes all travel is an adventure that leaves lasting positive memories. An Exploring Europe tour empowers our travel partners with the knowledge, guidance, and confidence to embrace the adventure, seize the moment, and most of all, …have fun! David first traveled to Europe when he was a teenager and has been going back ever since. He is passionate about sharing his European adventures with others. Exploring Europe is small enough to allow us to take a personal interest in everyone who travels with us. 
Exploring Europe with David McGuffin has grown from offering just two group tours in 2002 to a complete line-up of twenty small-group tour routes visiting all most every country in Europe for 2020/2021. Additionally, he offers free European travel advice and information at and his social media sites.
We do things a bit differently than most other tour companies.

Hungary Tourism Agency
About Us

As you prepare for future travel, Hungary is committed to providing you exceptional unforgettable experiences, wide open spaces, delicious cuisine. Hidden in the centre of Europe is a country where you can always find something historic or modern that touches your soul, and the atmosphere is vibrant and relaxing at the same time. Where on hilltops, deep in the valleys and on endless plains, you find the hustle of small, centuries-old villages, charming towns, luxurious castles. There are various exciting ways to discover Hungary’s most beautiful sceneries: while hiking or riding a bicycle, on horseback, by boat or even from the air. No matter which way you choose, you will discover a different side of nature each time. Exciting hiking trails, narrow-gauge train rides, parks, majestic lakes with bike paths around themthese are only some of the unforgettable adventures.
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Welcome to Budapest. Cty of the Danube. An unparalleled hive, amazing tastes, and people you will never forget. A destination where a new authentic discovery waits for you 365 days of the year. Once you taste the Spice of Europe, you will always want to return for another bite. #spiceofeurope #budapest365 

Parques de Sintra – Monte da Lua, S.A
About Us

Parques de Sintra – Monte da Lua, S.A. (PSML) is an entirely state-owned company founded in 2000 in order to meet the challenges arising out of the UNESCO classification of the Sintra Cultural Landscape as a World Heritage site. The entity does not resort to the State Budget and the restoration and maintenance of the heritage in its care are ensured by the revenues resulting from sales at its ticket offices, stores, cafeterias and the rental of facilities for the hosting of events.
In 2019, the sites managed by PSML (the Park and National Palace of Pena, the National Palaces of Sintra and Queluz, the Chalet of the Countess of Edla, the Moorish Castle, the Palace and Gardens of Monserrate, the Convent of the Capuchos and the Portuguese School of Equestrian Art) welcomed around 3.7 million visits, 90% of whom were international in origin. In 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019, PSML was distinguished with the World Travel Award for the “World’s Leading Conservation Company”.
The PSML shareholders are the General Directorate of the Treasury and Finance (representing the Portuguese state), the Portuguese Institute of Nature and Forestry Conservation, the Portuguese Tourism Board and Sintra Municipal Council.
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Pure Adventures
About Us

Pure Adventures is not about volume and mass travel adventures.  We build trips that are always private with custom experiences for you, making our offers ideal for savvy and adventurous travelers seeking the perfect balance of independence and support, in a higher quality vacation experience. We specialize in self-guided biking tours, hiking tours, and multi-sport tours. Some of our tours are also offered in a private, semi-guided or guided capacity, depending on the destination. We offer tours all around the world, with Europe being our specialty. You will also find North & South America, Scandinavia, Southeast Asia, and other destinations coming soon!
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Sheenco Travel
About Us

Sheenco Travel is a luxury inbound tour operator specializing in custom trips to Ireland and the UK.  These trips are designed to suit your specific needs.  Our most popular option is a Chauffeur Driven Tour with your own private driver guide.  Other options include Self Drive tours, as well as group and special interest tours, golf vacations tours and corporate travel, all with that unique custom design and high end luxury feel. 
Sheenco Travel offers a concierge service to ensure that every aspect of your trip is taken care of.  You will experience the same exceptional customer service from your first point of contact, throughout the planning process and in the run up to your departure, as well as while you are traveling, all the way to the welcome home email you will receive after you return home. 
We don’t call a Sheenco Travel vacation “a trip of a lifetime” as once you have travelled with us, you will want to repeat the experience time and time again.  
But don’t take our word for it visit our website to hear from our guests 
The only scheduled tours Sheenco Travel offers are our Castle Tours of Ireland & Scotland.  These exclusive tours, which take place in June and September, are small group tours with a maximum of 18 people on each departure date.  What makes these tours especially unique is that you spend every night in an authentic luxury castle.  A tour truly fit for a prince or princess! 
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The Caucasus Tours
About Us

Founded in 2006, The Caucasus Tours, an inbound Armenian company (DMC), organizes for the intrepid travelers curated journeys and unexpected adventures in the most under-explored part of our planet.  We offer a wide range of tours designed to suit all types of travelers to explore the gems of Armenia and Nagorno Karabakh Republic, as well as combined tours to its neighbor Trans-Caucasian countries (Georgia and Azerbaijan).
At The Caucasus Tours, we use over 15 years of professional experience to design and provide a wide list of special interest tours to experience the authentic spirit of Armenia and South Caucasus.  Our tours include:
    • Caucasian Treasures (Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan tour, 20 days)
    • Food & Wine in Armenia and Georgia
    • Walking & Foodie Tour in Armenia
    • Tour along the Silk Road (South Caucasus and Central Asia)
Armenia is enticing to all avid travelers with its exotic natural beauty. Nestled in the Caucasus mountains/Armenian Highland, Armenia will amaze you by its fascinating landscapes, snow-capped mountains, lush forests, fast flowing river canyons, dramatic gorges, world’s oldest churches, monasteries and fortresses.  In addition to the natural beauty and architecture, you’ll experience the uncommon Armenian hospitality, the unique national cuisine, its amazing wine and sophisticated brandy, the rich culture and history, as well as the old traditions and customs.  Only in Armenia you can see the most breathtaking view of the biblical Mount Ararat where the Noah’s ark came to rest after the Great Flood.
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During the quarantine we are offering free walking tours (online) in Yerevan with our professional guides who you can ask questions.  You can get a free online presentation about the Caucasus region and Armenia (with maps and images) , as well as register for free tours by JOINING OUR MAILING LIST:

Visit Finland
About Us

Finland – The Happiest Country in the World 

Finland is a destination for people who love nature. There are plenty of adventures available in all four seasons, from husky sled rides in the wilderness to ice rally in the winter and from river rafting to hiking in the summer.  Or just enjoy the cleanest air in the world, beautiful lake or archipelago sceneries, the spectacular northern lights in the winter or midnight sun in the summer.  We hope that after visiting Finland, the visitors feel recharged and maybe even a bit less stressed. Finland has now been ranked three times as the happiest country on earth, and we think it is because we have a very strong connection with nature.  We are happy to share that with anyone who is interested in visiting Finland. Check out our new campaign Rent A Finn Goes Virtual and visit Finland at home. 
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Wine Dark Sea Villas
About Us

Wine Dark Sea Villas & Resorts is more than a vacation destination: it’s an experience all its own.
Our beautiful villas, located on the beautiful Grecian islands of Crete and Rhodes, offer the demanding and experienced traveler a memorable alternative to traditional hotels. Wine Dark Sea Villas & Resorts offers our guests a luxurious, immersive, and private experience that is unrivaled anywhere else in Greece. From the comfortable home-away-from-home that Villa Artemis provides, to the larger than life castle-like wonder of Villa Kastello Kalliste, you will find tasteful and elegant beauty coupled with the service of a five-star resort.
Our belief is that the experienced traveler deserves more than just the standard treatment that one receives at a hotel. At Wine Dark Sea Villas & Resorts, we provide as much or as little personal attention and service as you request. Whether you wish for daily cleanings, laundry services, transportation, and even a private chef, or instead would prefer to be left to explore the islands on your own, Wine Dark Sea Villas & Resorts goes above and beyond to tailor your vacation to your heart’s desire. Our staff of professionals will go above and beyond to show you the true nature of Greek hospitality.
We want to provide you with a true escape from the mundanity of the world. We offer you the chance to enter a sanctuary that will restore your soul, fill you with wonder, and excite your imagination. Come to a place that’s a universe away from what you know, where the wine dark sea of Homer calls to you with a siren’s song. Come stay at Wine Dark Sea Villas & Resorts.
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Barceló Hotel Group
About Us

Barceló Hotel Group is one of the top hospitality companies in the world.  Barceló Hotel Group properties  are located in  top destinations and cities in Europe, Mexico, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean.  The company offers a variety of hotels and resorts to all kinds of travelers, from guests with a limited budget to travelers who seek exclusive luxury accommodations and experiences.  The hotel company owns or manages more than 250 properties with over 55,000 rooms throughout 22 countries, separated within four distinctive brands:  Royal Hideaway Luxury Hotels & Resorts, an elite group of luxury resorts; Barceló Hotels & Resorts, a resort brand that provides original and exciting experiences; Occidental Hotels & Resorts, committed to delivering guests serenity and comfort; and Allegro Hotels, offering joyful and affordable experiences.  
It is time to pause and reflect, to be thankful for all the wonderful places we have been to and for those that are still waiting for us to visit.   #WeWillTravelAgain  #BarceloHotelGroup 
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We understand that these are challenging times; but the time that we are apart will only bring us together. That is why Barceló Hotel Group is working with you, side-by-side, in order to travel once again. 
The Barceló Insider Sales Companion™ provides 24-hour/365-day access  to critical product information, empowering agents  with the knowledge they need to conduct business. 
For questions or assistance, please visit  and access the SELL section → Contact Us section to see  contact information for the US-Regional Sales Manager in your area. 

G Adventures
About Us

G Adventures has been a world leader and innovator in sustainable adventure travel since 1990. We invite you to explore a world of tours infused with inspiration and excitement that will take you off the beaten track into the real heart of the destination.  Our approach to travel provides small groups and independent travelers the rare opportunity to connect with nature and local cultures. The choices for travel are vast – from safaris and cultural treks to family vacations and exotic expeditions, to places you have never even imagined; there is an adventure for everyone. If you share a lust for life and have the insatiable curiosity to travel and truly experience the world we live in, then join us and embark on a quest for the extraordinary. We are The Great Adventure People welcome to our world of adventure travel! 
 We’d like to share what we have been working on here at G Adventures: 
  • We are creating exclusive “Live Virtual Small Group Tours for our travelers, travel agents, partners and media to take part inHere is our CEO (Chief Experience Officer/Tour Guide) taking us through Italy! 
  • We also have “Virtual Walking Tours, which dive deep into a city, showcasing the biggest sights and best hidden secrets. Also led by our CEOs, so far we have visited Florence, Italy, Antigua, Guatemala and Buenos Aires, Argentina. 
While travel is at a pause, we’re staying busy here at G Adventuresensuring that, when we are ready to travel again, we will Travel Better.
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Insight Events
About Us

Insight Events ltd. is one of Bulgaria’s fastest-growing event companies. From the very  beginning of its foundation in 2015, we managed to expand in every sense – our team  grew to 70% larger, we moved to five times bigger office, accomplished over 1,000 events  and took care of over 80,000 participants in our projects.
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McKay Photography
About Us

David and Ally McKay started McKay Photography Academy in 2011 after years of being asked by clients to help them learn photography.  Having traveled the world photographing as well as having taught on some of the largest stages in the photographic industry, the McKay’s do not only have a passion for photography and travel, but for people. 
Currently, they have taught over 12,000 people, traveled personally to 45 countries, 7 continents, and led hundreds of people on photographic tours both in the US and internationally! 
We invite you to join us on trips of a lifetime to experience Photography, Travel, Friendship, and Adventure! 
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Palace Resorts
About Us

With ten oceanfront resorts overlooking sparkling turquoise waters, Palace Resorts sets the highest standards for five-star all-inclusive vacations in Mexico and Jamaica.  Offering luxurious and spacious accommodations accentuated by signature in-room double whirlpool tubs, nightly entertainment, the Caribbean & Mexico’s most extravagant spas, and a premier Jack Nicklaus signature golf course, Palace Resorts sets the stage for a truly exceptional experience for travelers.  The unparalleled level of service and comfort found at each property makes Palace Resorts a leading provider of world-class resort vacations.  For more information, visit 


Sharp HealthCare Global Patient Services
About Us

Sharp HealthCare Global Patient Services is your compassionate connection to the U.S. in a medical emergency.  Our team can assist travelers covered by health insurance with emergency medical evacuations from abroad to a Sharp hospital in San Diego, CA We are available 24/7, 365 days a year, and our coordination assistance is provided at no charge to the traveler.  
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The Cultural Traveler
About Us

The US Cultural & Heritage Marketing Council publishes the “The Cultural Traveler-Exploring America”, and the companion website, and the monthly newsletter “The Cultural Connection”. Our mission is to deliver diverse, relevant and authentic stories that inspire travelers to connect with America’s diverse arts, culture, historic and heritage experiences. To learn more, visit and

The Wine Foundry
About Us

The Wine Foundry is a boutique custom winery situated at the gateway to Napa Valley that produces wine under its two Labels, Foundry and Anarchist Wine Co., as well as custom wines for wine enthusiasts and micro wineries.
If you have dreamed of making your own luxury wine, we provide everything you need to make the process easy at the very highest level of the craft.  Guided by our expert Winemakers, roll up your sleeves and get involved, or just sit back and let the magic happen.
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Our wine educator for the winery is hosting free virtual tastings on Zoom every Friday at 5:00 p.m.  It lasts about an hour, and it’s fun and interesting if you enjoy learning about wine.  You can taste along with whatever you have!  This week we will be covering our Grenache Blanc and our Cabernet Sauvignon blend The Philosopher.  Wines can be purchased in advance at but no purchase is necessary.  The link to register and receive the log in information is here.

Two Dog Travel
About Us

Two Dog Travel is a tour company offering small group tours, private tours and vacation planning.  Our focus is the local culture, food, wine and people of the destination our goal is to introduce our clients to the real life of the places they visit.  
Our group size averages 10 people, allowing us to visit local businesses where larger tour groups don’t (or can’t) go.  
 In additional to our small group tours, we offer private tours customized to the group’s interests where we go along to handle the logistics, as well as vacation planning where our clients go on their own.  We do the planning, so you have all the fun.  
 We have well over 10-years’ experience planning and guiding small groups all over the world, and the vendors at our destinations are now our friends.  We look forward to introducing them to you.
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Wellness Tourism Association
About Us

Launched in 2018, the Wellness Tourism Association is a not-for-profit organization incorporated in Colorado, with a mission to support the sustainable growth of the global wellness tourism industry for the global good.  With Accor Hotels, Canyon Ranch and Travel to Wellness as Co-Founders, Art of Living Retreat Center and the Monaco Government Tourist Office as Founding Members, and Unicomm as the Founding Partner, the WTA now has 100 plus members and partners from 21 countries.   
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Until further notice, the WTA is offering current members and new members a 50% discount off all membership fees.  Members must qualify; the first step is to fill out the application form: 


Ixtapa Zihuatanejo
About Us

Thanks to the set of unique experiences offered at this location, Ixtapa Zihuatanejo has become the favorite destination of both national and international tourists, through the combination of a traditional port town on the Mexican Pacific that keeps its folklore and the infrastructure and tourist facilities of Ixtapa, an Integrally Planned Center.  
Zihuatanejo evolved over the years, going from a small, peaceful fishermen’s town to a charming tourist destination that satisfies the needs for relaxation for all our visitors.  Its characteristic elements, picturesque streets and the warmth of its people, position Zihuatanejo as the favorite destination for both national and international tourists. 
Likewise, Ixtapa is a tourist development that is home to first class accommodations, belonging to world class hotel chains but preserving the tradition that characterizes this destination.  
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Mexican Caribbean
About Us

The Mexican Caribbean is like no other place in the world due to its destinations and tourist attractions: Turquoise sea, white sand beaches, exuberant jungle, stunning archeological sites, beautiful islands, lagoons, cenotes and underwater caves, as well as a world class tourist infrastructure, a variety of lodging options, amazing restaurants and air connectivity.
It is in fact Mexico´s paradise, where there is always something new for you to discover.
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Original Group
About Us

Original Group, founded in 1974, is a Mexican firm active in the Hotel Sector, the Cruise Industry, Vacation Clubs and Real Estate.  We specialize in offering paradise seekers unique experiences, for adults only, in top destinations around the world, that even the most demanding traveler cannot resist. 
Original Group consists of three resorts (Desire Riviera Maya Pearl Resort,  Desire Riviera Maya Resort  and  Temptation Cancun Resort) with a vast reserve of land for the expansion of tourism, operation and housing.  Each of  Original Group’s  products provide the perfect atmosphere for travelers seeking to add a new dimension to their vacation.  While each is characterized by its own individuality, common standards have been established, focusing on truly original,  adult experiences. 

Palapas Ventana 
About Us

Palapas Ventana is an Ocean Adventure Resort in the Sea of Cortez.  We have fun for everyone, kiteboarding, scuba dive, ecotours, catamaran trips, fishing & more, while staying in our cozy casitas!  Your room is just steps away from the sea at our family-owned all-inclusive resort. Come and experience the Best of Baja with Palapas Ventana.

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  • 10% off all bookings made during the show 
  • Enter to win $400 off your booking; the raffle will be selected at the end of the show and the winner will be contacted via email.  Submit Here: 
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Visit Mexico
About Us

Welcome to Visit Mexico, the official organization for the promotion of travel and tourism in Mexico.  Learn more about our destinations; from beach destinations, colonial cities, magical towns and big cities.  
Mexico is distinguished by paradisiacal landscapes, magical places, ancient cultures, gourmet dishes, first class accommodation, dream beaches, history, quality services and fun.  Discover Mexico and its most hidden corners at your fingertips.  In Visit Mexico you will find vast information about the different States of the Mexican Republic and the most representative activities of each one of them, as well as suggestions on visits, locations, recommendations, among others. 
Cancun stands out with its biodiversity and culture, water sports and exploration activities; Mexico City with its Chapultepec Forest and the Aztec pyramids of Teotihuacán, magical places that merge with the rhythm of the city; Los Cabos with its quiet beaches, spectacular landscapes, unparalleled fauna and flora; Yucatan with emerald waters, pier full of life, differentiating gastronomy and fishing villages that will bring you the tranquility you are looking for; or Puerto Vallarta / Riviera Nayarit, as an icon of the Mexican Pacific tourism, abundant with natural beauty, gourmet delights and their historical importance…each of them will fill your trip with memories. 
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State of Hidalgo
About Us

Hidalgo’s diversity can be seen from one horizon to another in its landscape consisting of long valleys, high sierras, and dramatic canyons that covers a territory that ranges from semidesert to tropical lushness.  There are eight itineraries to help you discover the nature, culture, and history of the state of Hidalgo. 
Pachuca is a city with a mining past its identity dug up from the earth itself.  The town’s people are the “Tuzos,” the Mexican term for mole, in allusion to the ground-dwelling rodent that spends its life making tunnels, much like the Pachuqueños learned to do for a living.  However, the term also evokes their identity as the proud birthplace of soccer, the national sport, not to mention their cultural side with museums of note as well as the Fototeca Nacional. 
Hitting the road, among the forested mountains, one finds the Magical TownsThe towns of Real del Monte, Huasca de Ocampo, Mineral del Chico and Zimapán also share a mining heritage spanning more than four centuries.  Another, Huichapan, is recognized for its elaborate colonial architecture and Tecozautla is recognized for its hotsprings. 
Outdoor adventure continues in the Mountain Corridor with the chance to go for a thrilling zip line ride or scale high craggy peaks.  Further north, the Huastec Sierra Corridor starts with the Barranca de Metztitlán and its unique ecosystem, which is home to a wide variety of cactus species. 
Water fun is in order in the Water Park Corridor, coupled with the historic Augustinian monasteries of Actopan and Ixmiquilpan.  Home of a legendary civilization, the mythical city of Tula-Xicocotitlán awaits in the Toltec Corridor To the east there’s the Corridor of the Four Elements, with Tulancingo as the base from which to explore traditional villages in stunning natural environments–try taking in the sights from above with a hot air balloon ride.  The Hacienda Corridor stretches between Zempoala and Apulco.  This is where the pulque industry boomed for nearly 200 years. 
We hope you have the opportunity to discover this region and all the excellent possibilities it offers, which are sure to make for a memorable visit. 
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State of Puebla
About Us

Between the two ranges of the Sierra Madre, not far from volcanic summits, Puebla is situated in a high fertile valley at 2,000 m. above sea level.  Southeast of Mexico, it was on the route that connected the capital to the port of Vera Cruz, close to the pre-Hispanic city of Cholula. 
Puebla extends through the Cuetlaxcoapan Valley as a rectilinear grid made up of relatively wide streets. While most of the major arteries follow the regular orientation of the plan, one main street, the “Diagonale de los Defensores de la Republica,” crosses the city on a diagonal.  Puebla’s Zocalo, the central esplanade of the historic area, is considered one of the great achievements of colonial urban planning. 
Puebla is a large city with several sumptuous 18th-century Baroque churches and a number of convents.  Its colonial architecture is famous for its colorful glazes (azulejos).  This material, which is used for the cupolas of the churches and the walls of the dwellings alike, ensures the unity of the architectural landscape. 
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State of Tabasco
About Us

Tabasco is water and energy. Its location makes it the gateway to the Mexican southeast and the Mayan World, epicenter of the oil industry and regional center of entertainment, services and communications. It has 53% of water in the entire country. It occupies the first place in cocoa production and livestock; and second place in banana production. Its low altitude and warm and humid climate make up an eternally green landscape, furrowed by rivers, and occupied by extensive lagoons, numerous swamp areas and beautiful beaches that offer visitors a paradise for sport fishing, bird watching and other activities. Its capital is Villahermosa.

State of Tamaulipas
About Us

Get to know a rich and diverse state where life is warm and peaceful.  In Tamaulipas, history and modernity converge forming an almost perfect balance in which culture and nature make their way, giving you the opportunity to live unique experiences in a beautiful tourist destination.  The state is privileged to have five beautiful beaches that have the infrastructure in hotels and gastronomy based on seafood and typical dishes of the area, from Bagdad, Carbonera, Barra del Tordo, La Pesca or Miramar. 
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Middle East

Israel Ministry of Tourism
About Us

The Israel Ministry of Tourism is the official agency for promoting inbound travel to the State of Israel.  We serve as a source of knowledge for all things fun, exciting, and fascinating happening throughout this special destination.  From our unique place in the world as the land of the Bible to our modern nickname, “Startup Nation,” Israel has something for everyone and is a vacation beyond belief. 
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