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Samantha Brown

Host, PBS’s Samantha Brown’s Places to Love

Juliana Broste

Travel Filmmaker and Host, TRAVELINGJULES

Travel Favorites:

Fave Travel Product or luggage: Pink lipstick, pink suitcase and my camera, of course.
Fave Piece Of Travel Advice: A great photo or video is the best kind of souvenir.
Fave Destination Or City: Morocco, take me back!
 The next place you want to travel when we can again: Brazil, India, Vietnam are high on my list!
Fave Travel Quote: Life is not measured by the breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.
Fave Memory From A Recent Trip: Visiting the Monkey Sanctuary in Bali was pretty memorable for me, mostly because a rascally monkey surprised me and stole my sunglasses right off the top of my head! I was most impressed with a guard who was able to get them back!
Fave Source Of Travel Inspiration: There’s nothing like a travel video that really captures emotion of a place and makes you long to go there for yourself.

Angel Castellanos

World Travel Expert, Writer/TV Host, AngelsTravelLounge.com

Travel Favorites:

Fave Travel Product: Reusable water bottle, sustainability kit (spork and reusable straw), four wheeled carry-on, packable duffle with backpack straps, packing cubes.
Fave Piece Of Travel Advice: Nobody comes home wishing they had packed more.
Fave Destination Or City: Recent Country: Lebanon – Region: Umbria, Italy and City: Singapore
Fave Travel Quote: “Travel is my Ph.D. in Life” – Angel Castellanos
Fave Memory From A Recent Trip: Going to Jordan and staying on the Dead Sea and visiting several Holy Land sites was pretty awe inspiring.
Fave Source Of Travel Inspiration: I’m lucky that I have a lot of well-traveled friends: @drewbinsky, @leeabbamonte, @samanthabrowntravels, @travelbarefeet. Seeing my friends tell amazing travel stories that are people focused and showcase unique destinations in a fun way, really inspires me.

Sarah Dandashy

Concierge Advice without having to Check-In!, ASK A CONCIERGE

Travel Favorites:  

Favorite travel product or luggage: My favorite carry-on is by Speck. I love how it’s designed for business travelers, durable, and they have the best packing cubes for your tech devices. For larger luggage, I love my Victorinox Spectra case. It expands–which is perfect as I always come home with more than I left home with!
Favorite piece of travel advice: Kindness and curiosity can take you all over the world. These words weren’t shared with me directly, but this is the mindset my family has always had towards travel–and it’s taken them around the world!
Favorite destination or city : So many! Buenos Aires, Dubai, Cannes, Paris, and the Grand Canyon! 
The next place you want to travel when we can again: Ohh, I am really wanting to go back to the Middle East. Dubai, Beiruit, Istanbul! 
Favorite travel quote: “To travel is to live.” 
Favorite memory from a recent trip: Swimming in the Mediterranean when I was in Malta, horseback riding on the beach in Nicaragua, and seeing all the temples in Bintan, Indonesia.
Favorite source of travel inspiration: I use good old fashioned word of mouth. I see where my friends who live in other countries are travelling and use that as inspiration. Since they are based in other parts of the world, the destinations that are on their radar are different than the ones that we usually think of as Americans!

Julian Douglas

Travel Writer, Photographer  and Experience Curator, Listen, Journey, Savor

Travel Favorites:

Favorite travel product or luggage: Believe it or not, my favorite travel necessity is my iPhone 11 Pro Max. It allows me to capture and edit the most amazing photos of my travels as well as my video work. No matter where I am, I’m attached to social media so it connects me to share my experiences as well.
Favorite piece of travel advice: I actually quote Samantha Brown when I speak using her advice to “Travel Smarter.” I hope speaking about my Private Tour experiences, will inspire everyone to Travel Smarter.
Favorite destination or city: My favorite place to travel in the U.S. has always been New Orleans. No American city is as rich in history, architecture, music, food & drink and culture to me.
My favorite place to visit internationally is a tie between Rome and Venice. So much so, we make sure every Italy trip we start in the Eternal City and end in the City of Canals.
From ancient times to sheer romantic beauty, we can immerse ourselves each trip.
The next place you want to travel when we can again: We were in Venice our last trip outside the states and hadn’t planned on returning for a bit. But the more I speak about it, and since I’m posting while we Stay Home so much, I’m missing it’s allure each day. Now, I’ve made it a priority to get back as soon as travel opens.
Favorite travel quote:  Before I had the chance to become a speaker, I was an avid fan of Rick Steves. His end of TV show words… “Keep On Travelin’” hold more meaning to me even now.
Favorite memory from a recent trip:  Two of my bucket list dreams came true our last trip while in Italy, thanks to Private Tours and why I’m excited to speak about them at the Travel & Adventure Shows.
The first was driving a quarter of a million dollar, convertible Ferrari California through the Italian countryside. The top down, wind in my hair, the roar of the engine and Italy all around me.
The second was enjoying a Gondola ride at sunset on the Grand Canal in Venice. The warm sun setting behind me, the historic Rialto Bridge in front of me and centuries old Palazzo’s as far as our eyes could see.
Favorite source of travel inspiration: My go-to source to inspire my own travel honestly comes from watching my fellow guest speakers and friends TV shows. Especially when I’m having writers block, I turn on Rudy Maxa, Samantha Brown and Rick Steves. Their journeys inspire my journeys.

Pauline Frommer

Editorial Director of the Frommer’s Guides & Publisher of Frommers.com

Travel Favorites:  

Favorite Travel Quote, “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” 
― St. Augustine  
Travel Advice : When you do travel you don’t want to be a slave to your luggage. Always pack lightly. It makes your travels far more worry free. 
Travel Inspiration: I’m always inspired by the authors of the Frommer guidebooks, who are embedded around the world, so that they can give the type of insider information that “influencers” don’t have the expertise to relay. I also love to read great travel memoirists like Frances Maye, Cheryl Strayed, Pico Iyer, Rory Stewart, and Tim Cahill.  
The Next Place I’d Like To Travel: I’m hoping to get to Traverse City Michigan this spring to do a broadcast of our radio show from there. It’s an area I’ve loved for a long time (I went to Interlochen Arts Camp there as a kid). What’s not to love? The great lakes, lots of concerts and performances, gorgeous rural areas with cherry farms and wineries, topnotch restaurants and really historically rich enclaves to visit (like Mackinack Island).  
Favorite Memory From a Recent Trip: In Cartagena, Colombia I took a nighttime salsa dancing tour/class and ended up staying out ’til 3 in the morning, dancing with all kinds of people, hearing great bands, and feeling totally alive. I’m a person who NEVER goes out dancing in my daily life (husband doesn’t like to), so this was truly a great break from the ordinary.  
Favorite Destination: I always say it’s the last place I’ve been, and since that was a safari in Tanzania that certainly works for this question. Gorgeous country, incredibly charismatic and kind people, and the animals we saw (lions, leopards, elephants, giraffes, dung beetles, warthogs, and more) were spectacular. 

Peter Greenberg

Emmy Award-Winning Investigative Reporter and Producer and CBS News Travel Editor

Russell Hannon

Ultra-Economical Travel Expert, BREAK THE TRAVEL BARRIER

Travel Favorites:  

Favorite piece of travel advice:  How you travel impacts your travel costs way more than where you  decide to go. 
Favorite destination or city:  I am always thrilled when I visit New York city. My thoughts and  prayers are with the city as it deals with COVID-19. 
The next place you want to travel when we can again:  African safari 
Favorite travel quote:  “If a local doesn’t need to pay it, there’s a way for travelers to  get around it.” – Russell Hannon (me) 
Favorite memory from a recent trip: Meeting with family on a cruise ship whom I had not seen in a few 
Favorite travel product or luggage : 

Meggan Kaiser

Budget Travel Expert, Host of Travel Channel’s 24/$7, Author of Everywhere for Nothing: Free Travel for the Modern Nomad, and Writer

Travel Favorites:  

Favorite travel product or luggage: Fanny pack, all the way. A slim pack for the airport and a bigger one for being on the road with books and snacks, obviously.
Favorite piece of travel advice: Don’t plan everything—leave space for travel magic to happen. “A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving.” – Lao Tzu Or: Generally speaking, never eat in an empty restaurant and avoid places near tourist traps. Get off the beaten track and find the full ones.  
Favorite destination or city: Countrywide: Turkey—nicest people, best food, City: San Sebastian or Granada, Spain. OMG—the food. The drink. The energy! 
The next place you want to travel when we can again: I’ve been spending time daily learning Russian, so I’d love to go practice. Their culture fascinates me (and they have the best writers!). Also Cappadocia, Turkey. Who wouldn’t want to go there?
Favorite travel quote: “We travel, some of us forever, to seek other states, other lives, other souls.” – Anaïs Nin 
Favorite memory from a recent trip: We took a simple road trip down to Florida and rented an RV in someone’s backyard. Surrounded by big mossy oaks, lush greenery, and that uniquely Floridian song of wildlife, we posted up in lawn chairs, made a fire and a cheese board, and I spent the evening consuming a novel. Just listening, taking it in, and existing somewhere that asked nothing of me. It was perfect.
Favorite source of travel inspiration: Books. I find that a given culture’s writers often have distinct writing styles—whispers of the different worlds from which they come. Particularly when compared to the oft-individualist mentality of Americans, I can vicariously experience whole new cultures through a person’s writing. Not just because of the fiction itself, but because of the way the author writes the fiction. The Russians, for example, have this beautiful, poetic, and often tragicomic way of telling stories—I want to know the land and culture that inspires something so distinct!

Mickela Mallozzi

Emmy® Award-winning Host and Executive Producer of BARE FEET WITH MICKELA MALLOZZI

Mickela’s newest season of Bare Feet with Mickela Mallozzi, where she uses her own DNA map as inspiration for places to visit, is currently airing on PBS stations across the country, include on Create TV every Tuesday at 10am ET / 7am PT, 5pm ET / 2pm PT, and 10pm ET / 7pm PT.  Let these episodes inspire your own DNA travel adventure once we all get #BackToTravelCheck your local listings for time and channel, or go to www.TravelBareFeet.com to search upcoming airings by zip code! 
 Mickela is already getting #BackToTravel virtually!  She started doing weekly LIVE dance sessions on Facebook and Instagram, where she brings fans into the homes of her dancer and musician friends around the world while we all #stayhome.  They ahare with her the dances and rhythms that they love so much – from Puerto Rican bomba to the traditional Irish brush dance in Killarney, Ireland!   Join Mickela every Tuesday at 1pm ET / 10am PT on Facebook LIVE on the Bare Feet with Mickela Mallozzi page and every Thursday at 1pm ET / 10am PT on Instagram LIVE at @travelbarefeet – be sure to bring your dancing shoes! 

Andrew McCarthy

Award-Winning Travel Writer, Actor and Director

Patricia Schultz

Bestselling Author, 1,000 Places to See Before You Die and 1,000 Places to See in The USA & Canada Before You Die

Daily travel inspiration can be found in spades on  1000 Places to See Before You Die Facebook and Instagram pages, as Patricia Schultz features her favorite places from around the world every day.

Looking for another good read to pass the time, help with future plans, and keep your wanderlust alive? For some travel inspiration overload check out all of Patricia Schultz’s 1000 Places to See Before You Die books. Visit https://www.workman.com/brands/1000-places to learn how to get your copy today!  

Travel Favorites:  

Favorite travel product or luggage: Go ahead and laugh, but I cannot leave home without my pillow. It is small, lightweight and smushes into a corner of my suitcase. Hotel pillows can be the worst and often are. A well rested traveler is a happy traveler 
 Favorite piece of travel advice: I have a tendency to over-schedule in an attempt to leave no stone unturned. But when and if possible I turn off my GPS and get lost, exploring side streets and neighborhood grocery stores – serendipity never disappoints. I also try to make a day trip to a nearby town or place of interest – it always adds a whole different perspective of day-to-day life.
Favorite source for travel inspiration: I spent many years early in my travel writing life working for Frommer’s Travel Guides, and I remain a fan for life: one of their editions always comes on the flight with me for the destination I’ll be visiting. And of course the internet is indispensable. I do a Google news search re the place I’ll be visiting to see what’s going on: Is there an election coming up? A new museum re-opening? A local festival or holiday? Free jazz concerts in the park? 
Favorite destination or city: I am a huge Italophile – and I await the day that Italy flourishes again – she always does. It is a beloved destination for so many – whether for the culture and art found in its world class cities such as Milan, Florence, Venice and Rome. Or for its centuries-old hill towns or scenic corners that change greatly from Tuscany to the Amalfi Coast and from Puglia to Sicily. And the food? For me there is no rival.  
The next place you want to travel when we can again: I am hosting a trip to Romania and Bulgaria in late August 2020. Travel for the latter months of 2020 will be determined by health and government officials but we are still hoping it might happen. These unprecedented restrictions that have required us all to stay home have renewed my appreciation for the fragility of life and make me even more grateful for travel opportunities past and future. I intend to make up for lost time!
Favorite travel quote: “Life is ours to be spent, not to be saved.” D.H. Lawrence
Favorite memory from a recent trip: My last big trip of 2020 was to the small Southeast Asian country of Laos. Setting sail at daybreak on the Mekong River from the Golden Triangle area where Laos shares a border with Thailand was just magical.

Ralph Velasco

Founder and CEO (Chief Experience Officer), PhotoEnrichment Adventures

Travel Favorites:  

Favorite travel product or luggage: Never thought I’d fall in love with socks, but I do love my Bombas.  They’re so very comfortable when out and about walking all day, and they have a “buy a pair, donate a pair” business model which justifies the higher prices.  And my roller bag from REI, which must be 7 years old by now and has probably been around the world with me the equivalent of 12 times over that period, is still rolling along and I just can’t say enough good things about it.
The next place you want to travel when we can again: I mention it in my video, but I can’t wait to get back to Tbilisi, the capital of the Republic of Georgia.  There, and Cambodia.  These are two of my top 5 destinations.
Favorite travel quote: “I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.”  Susan Sontag
Favorite memory from a recent trip: Recently I was in Northern Spain’s Basque country scouting for a future trip and I had so many great experiences, just some of which included meeting with local vineyard owners, olive oil producers, chefs and restaurant owners as well as other small business people that couldn’t have been nicer or more welcoming.  And I enjoyed some of the best food in the world in cities like San Sebastián, Logroño, Bilbao and Laguardia.  I can’t wait to bring a group there this coming September, assuming we are cleared to travel

Lisa Vogele

Chief Tree Climber, Travel Your Tree, Where Ancestry Meets Adventure

Travel Your Tree is your one-stop shop for Ancestral Destination Adventures! From researching your family tree to traveling in your ancestor’s footsteps, we’ll help you research, document & experience your heritage.

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