Support the #BackToTravel Campaign

Support the #BackToTravel Campaign

Greetings to our travelers and exhibitors from across the globe.

As we’re all hunkered down, social distancing and waiting for the OK from health officials to begin the process of getting back to normal, our team here at the Travel & Adventure Shows want to make sure we’re doing our part to bring the world of travel directly to YOU.

We have worked closely with our travel partners – international and domestic DMO’s, CVB’s, tour operators, suppliers and our favorite products – to ensure that we’re still providing an outlet for them to connect with travel enthusiasts, while also giving our travel consumers a place to dream and plan.

Enter, our #BackToTravel campaign. While the social media side of the campaign has been up and running for the past couple of weeks, we now have enough content to make our Virtual Exhibitor List and Speaker Content Hub live and ready for viewing.

The Goal

We want to make sure that when the time is right to get #BackToTravel, that everyone has the opportunity to connect just like they would at a normal Travel & Adventure Show.

The Virtual Exhibitor List houses specific information directly from our network of travel brands including video and promotional items  to make trip planning and dreaming easy and informative.

The Speaker Content Hub features travel tips and inspirational messages from the top names in travel to help you plan and book when the time is right.

Our goal is to support the travel community as a whole and do our part to keep the industry moving forward through this difficult time.

Our Ask to You

As we continue to await the go ahead to get #BackToTravel, our mission is to give the travel community as a whole the opportunity to interact with each other digitally.

For exhibitors, if you’d like to get involved and add content to the program, please click on  the “Get Involved” button to your right.

For travelers, we want to hear from you! Tell us where you’re going, what you’re planning and what tips you might have for those of us who are trying to get #BackToTravel when the world opens up again. Simply use the hashtag in a post on social media to engage with us.

Who knows, maybe we’ll throw in some exclusive Travel & Adventure Show swag to those of you who become #BackToTravel evangelists.

We’re looking forward to seeing what the Travel & Adventure Show Family comes up with to support the thing we love most: traveling.

Thank you for your time and support. Stay healthy and safe and remember that we’ll all be here when the time is right to get #BackToTravel.